BIM-MBA Prepares for Lifetime Impact

Philosophy of Bharathidasan Institute of Management (BIM) is that, “Learning is a lifelong process.” BIM believes in imparting learning that will keep students propelling ahead all through their career. The Post Graduate Program (BIM-MBA) does not limit itself to domain specific knowledge or skill set that is required to perform well as a manager, but it extends into the realms of learning such as goal-oriented behavior, and a value system which represents the essence of deep-rooted and time-tested Indian wisdom. Aligned with global standards, the program continuously benchmarks with top business schools around the world. 

BIM-MBA is also oriented to establish a strong connect between social culture and organization culture which molds every individual as responsible manager and leader. The program, therefore offers a unique learning environment for holistic development and transformation through enrichment that has impact for lifetime.  The program is designed and has evolved over three decades around following concepts.

Preparation for Life Beyond Campus 

BIM-MBA extends into the realms of learning such as goal-oriented, change-oriented, -oriented and responsible behavior that will keep students propelling ahead all through their career. The program prepares for all aspects of life beyond the campus including work service and leadership within local, national and global communities. Forums such as ‘Here & Now,’ BIM Discussions, Economistique, Year-Long Program, etc., help grasp the impact of developments happening in the socio-economic, political & technological arenas and the products & markets, the manager has to deal with. Students manage public relations and handle the responsibility of media relations, social media and competition management. The Book club, Film Club, Astronomy Club, etc., cater to the varied interest of students and foster an all-round development. Social inclusion is a tradition in BIM that is reflected by the student club ‘SPIRITED’ which has adopted a local school, an orphanage and works with NGOs in the region for rural development. These activities and responsibilities have enabled alumni to handle a diversity of subjects and issues in their work life effectively.  BIM-MBA emphasizes on career management as a life-long process. The program helps students understand themselves developing the SWOT for identifying careers where they would be best suited. Honing the skills of students in making the right choices in their professional careers, the program also identifies the steps to be taken by the students to excel in their chosen fields. 

Culture of Initiation & Innovation
Students are continuously encouraged and empowered by the program to initiate new ideas, events and projects in order to challenge and enhance their ability to manage and deliver. Every individual is motivated to think around his/her passion to innovate products, leverage or create technology, improve systems or facilities, implement sustainability programs, work for social impact, develop content, write blogs, run editorials, create clubs, design events, etc.  For example, initiatives like BIM App, Green Konnect, 30K Fleet, Zetitica, Snack & Bite, Old Curiosity Shop, Spirited, Crescita, E-Cell, Hackathon, Astronomy Club, BIM Discussions, etc., are some of the outcomes of this philosophy.

Personality Development 
Personality development is an integral part of BIM-MBA curriculum. It has several dedicated courses like Personality Growth Laboratory, Business Communication, Public Speaking and Etiquettes. The courses on personality development not only touch upon the ‘exterior’ but also the internal structure, to make the future managers move faster on the maturity-development continuum. BIM-MBA also has various clubs/committees that complement classroom efforts. They provide a platform for all students to work on their personality in real time. All-round development of the personality happens through compulsory participation in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

Global Perspective
BIM believes that Managers and Leaders should factor global trends and dynamics in their roles and decisions.  Applying global thoughts and practices is central to build world-class organisations. Appreciative of different cultures and their subtleties give them the capabilities required to effectively operate in global environment.  BIM-MBA is designed to provide exposure beyond global trends, cultures and practices.  Cultivating global thinking and imparting skills to apply in international contexts, is integral to the learning process. The result of this process is that today a large number of our alumni don the top positions in organizations across the world. 

Social Responsibility 
Social inclusion is a tradition at BIM which extends beyond the program and impacts community and nation at large.  Every student is molded into a responsible citizen first followed by responsible manager and leader. National and public interest is the primacy in management thinking and leadership process. The program offers channel through which students of BIM can show their sense of responsibility towards the society and environment

Value-based Education 
Down the years BIM has evolved into a pre-eminent management institute in the country. The resolution of imparting Value based education, taken at its birth has only grown stronger with every passing year.  As BIM strongly believes that nurturing competent managers and leaders with integrity can enhance quality of life, it has become the central cog of our program. Value based education is at the heart of our management and research programs, which are structured around the concept.  

The result of these philosophies of BIM-MBA is that today a large number of BIM alumni don the top positions in organizations across the world. They are the pride and flag bearers of Bharathidasan Institute of Management (BIM).

Fight Recession Without Losing Soldiers

"Take care of your best people....this is not a time to lose your best soldiers.  You will need them when for the next fight when you emerge on the other side"
- Jack Welch, 
Former Chairman and CEO
Generic Electric

Whenever recession monster hits business world, conservative firms tend to  limit their  focus - cutting activity, people and partners. In such gloomy situations, stringent measures like pay cuts and lay-offs are  major controls usually exercised to minimise recession blues. Of course such hard decisions are inevitable for sustenance. Further, it is also tough to get going across troubled waters without loosing a few or more people. Apparently,  the top leadership takes hard decisions even before depression sets in. 

Exercising grave measures as first step to counter recession risks, is not good for industry, economy and public. It will turn counter-productive, dragging recession further. The recession-driven unemployment will extend the recession episode further.  The situation might turn still worse threatening sustenance even in limited form.  Hence, a prudent approach is required to fight recession in entirety.  Market and cost innovations should become the key pillars  for such an approach. While confining to core businesses, firms should selectively diversify / invest / focus  in promising avenues or segments, where their internal talent can fit into.  Investments should be made into recession-proof, allied and performing sectors to create sustained revenues  while employing smart ways to contain cost  -  eventually to meet payroll and other expenses. In a nutshell, a critical approach to contain recession is not right, but a balanced-growth from a holistic view helps conquer recession.